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Originally Posted by Eriol View Post
For example, "Digital Optical Zoom" is a characteristic for point and shoot cameras. DSLRs use actual optical zoom in the form of the lens you buy for the camera.
There is no term "Digital Optical Zoom" with point-and-shoot cameras or DSLRs. The terms are used individually. Digital zoom is "artifical" zoom, which increases the size of grain and looks less detailed compared to optical zoom. It is similar to cropping in post. Optical zoom is done using the optics of the lens to change the size of the images.

You can get a decent DSLR camera used for under $400. The Canon 10D is quite old, but it is a 6 mega-pixel camera. You might find a very cheap price for it. You would get much better quality in low light with the Canon 20D. It is an 8.2 mega-pixel camera.

The stabilizer technology in DSLRs are in some of the lenses. It is going to add a noticeably higher cost.
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