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Name of Commissioner: God Save The Queen Fashions


Character Commissioned/Series: Kuja (Boots) - Dissidia Final Fantasy

Link to Pictures of Commissioned Item:

Turaround Time: First payment sent on September 16th, Boots received December 22nd.

Pros: I've worked/commissioned from GSTQ before, and know the *extremely* high quality of her work, so I chose her for this project. All of the craftsmanship on the boots is incredible. The stitching and detail work is perfect, everything is finished and padded where need be, and it all fits perfectly. Honestly, everything is just that good (not to mention I had to send pictures of the existing fabric to match it to and it's amazingly close).

Cons: The only con is I will need to install a garter system or rely on fashion tape to hold the stockings up (the thigh armor is a little heavier than I expected).

Comments: Again, GSTQ's craftsmanship is stunning...worth every penny.

Final Grade: A
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