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I'm currently busy organizing a big DragonBall cosplay group in the Netherlands.

So far we have 19 cosplayers;
#18 (DBZ: Cell arc), #18 (DBZ: Buu arc) , Brolly (Super Saiyajin), Bulma (DBZ: Trunks arc), Burter, Celipa, ChiChi (DB: Piccolo Jr arc), ChiChi (DBZ: Buu arc), ChiChi (DBZ 2008 special), Captain Ginyu, Gotenks (SSJ3), Lunch (Good form, maid), Son Gohan (DBZ: Cyborg Arc), Son Goku, Trunks (Future), Vegeta (SSJ4), Videl (DBZ: Saiyaman Arc), Videl (DBZ 2008 special), Yamcha (DB: 1st appearance)

^^ I told everyone to do their best on their costumes, because people often seem to neglect DB cosplay here... So I'm very curious. I'm cosplaying as Celipa, by the way. The group will premiere on July 10th, this year. We're still recruiting :3
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