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Cosplay Magic

Name of Commissioner: Cosplay Magic

Character commissioned: Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid (Full costume)

Pictures: I don't have pictures yet. There's a blizzard going on outside right now. -_-#

Timeline: About a week. It came REALLY quickly.

Describe your Experience-

Pros: The cosplay is absolutely perfect. The fabric is high quality, everything fits like a glove and it looks just like the character. Also, they have free shipping to North America, Europe, Australia and Japan! 8D

Cons: It's a tad pricey. Overall I think it's worth it though.

Comments: They don't use cheap costume fabric whatsoever. It's very High grade. That's why I think the cosplays are so expensive. Also, if you're tall, you might want to get a bigger size (for the length) and just have it taken it. They use smaller models for their measurements. This is a great site to go to if you need a last minute costume, or you're just lazy. ^^

Final Grade: A+
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