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Hey, does any one live in or near Conroe/Willis? I just moved down here and been trying to find other cosplayers down here to hang out with and stuff. And I'm trying to figure out what cons I can afford to do to this year. I was told that I have to go to A-Kon. Though I think I'm going to look into Anime Matsuri and Oni-con because they're in Houston and Houston is a little closer to me then Dallas, which I think is like 3 hours away.

I'm kind of on down time at my job right now, but my bf is going to get me into Krogers because he works there so he said he could get me right in so atleast I have a job and can save up money.

What other cons are good Texas cons? I might only go to like Anime Matsuri and Oni-con, I'll have to see how much money I have saved up by then and like my budget for cosplay and the such since I don't know if my bf will want to stay in a hotel or just drive back and foreth from home. But I think we would save money instead of driving back and foreth every day.
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