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I'd say that Afest and Anime Matsuri are some of the best cons I've been to. ^^ Both just feel so laid back and fun all around. Yulecon is less crowded but still pretty fun for a winter con..X3. Really just depends on what your looking to do at the con I suppose..

I liked San Japan too, though watch out for the heat if your cosplay has a lot of layers..o.o.

Oni was alright though quite a bit crowded in the artist alley area and.. kind of rowdy type people. There were some throwing ice from the balconies.. Then I think the security made everyone go to their rooms one night because of that possibly?..I still dun know the whole story behind them doing that. Xo

As for Ikki, I think I'd go to hang out for a bit but more than most likely not get a badge. It was just the people I hanged out with that made the con awesome IMO..X3.

But yeah just thought I'd give my experiences..^^.
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