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Originally Posted by Terra~Esper View Post
@Thearah: I think it's going to be awesome to the max. But I'm having an issue with my costume. You've seen other Terra cosplayers right? How the heck do they get the patterns right on the dress???
I've actually only seen one! Lol.

Usually when there are patterns or something of that nature on a dress or clothing, I've seen people either embroider it-- if they can-- or paint it on. Usually, it's the latter.

Originally Posted by FyreGothChylde View Post
I'd say that Afest and Anime Matsuri are some of the best cons I've been to. ^^ Both just feel so laid back and fun all around. Yulecon is less crowded but still pretty fun for a winter con..X3. Really just depends on what your looking to do at the con I suppose..

I liked San Japan too, though watch out for the heat if your cosplay has a lot of layers..o.o.

Oni was alright though quite a bit crowded in the artist alley area and.. kind of rowdy type people. There were some throwing ice from the balconies.. Then I think the security made everyone go to their rooms one night because of that possibly?..I still dun know the whole story behind them doing that. Xo

As for Ikki, I think I'd go to hang out for a bit but more than most likely not get a badge. It was just the people I hanged out with that made the con awesome IMO..X3.

But yeah just thought I'd give my experiences..^^.

Yea, Oni was... rambunctious. I had never seen so many unsupervised teenagers in one place in my life. =.=
Currently planning for Ikki-con '11. Will prolly only go one day.

Officer Jenny ---> 80%
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