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Originally Posted by Terra~Esper View Post
@Shadow: Eh, it happens. Gotta love those little gremlins and such in the systems. ^.^;;; So you're coming to A-kon too? What costumes are you gonna show us???
I am absolutely going to A-kon, I would like to go everyday but that depends on work -_-....Sat and Sun for sure. I am very excited I've been wanting to go for the past 2 years but there were always issues with money or bad timing. This year I planned around it so I am going no matter what. Since this con is much closer to home I'll have more access to my costumes....even if it's only 2 currently. ^_^ Working on a third. Depending on which days I can go I might showcase them all. I will do Fierce Deity Link no doubt, I may do my Hayoto Kanzaki as well since I've only worn it once and if I have it done I will be doing Shadow the Hedghog but it will be more of an orginal design a human version if you could imagine that. I'll keep everyone posted as the con grows closer.

Originally Posted by Thearah View Post
A-kon is a blast, and if you wear your Fierce Diety Link (which, btw, WAS FANTASTIC. I wish I had had my camera on me. ;_, you'd be a great hit. Lol. A-kon CAN be disorganized at times, but I think that it's because it's so freaking big and there are so many people loose.

I heard about the probs at Matsuri, but I heard that it was still a good con, so I want to go. :3 I hope it turns out good.
^_^ thank you I had a lot of fun wearing that costume, as I said I'll be wearing it again at A-kon so you'll get another photo shot chance. Which reminds me I got the Team Rocket photo (Loved it!! All you need is a meowth lol) but I missed Fran I'll have to get that at A-kon. I gotta see that in person it looks amazingly good one of the best!

Matsuri was really good despite the techincal fowl ups I had a great time, they even had this booth where you could get some pro pics of your costume (In my Hayoto gallery the 2 pics with the black background are from that booth) I do want to go again just not sure if I will or can. Hopefully I will.
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