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Originally Posted by Thearah View Post
We'll have a Meowth at A-kon prolly. :3 And we might wear Team Rocket again at Matsuri-- I hope I can get my hair into shape by then. @.@

And thank you! I was going to wear Fran on Saturady too, but I just really didn't want to. It's a really tiring cosplay, you have no idea. xD It takes forever to put on and get off, and once I'm in it, I really can't move around a whole lot. Lol.

But at A-kon, it should be the final and AWESOME version. :3

Sweet! That would be so awesome to have Meowth as the final touch, and good luck with the hair that is quite a challenge to get into the shape Jessie has it. She must use a barrel full of gel or something, lol! I've seen a few people pull it off so I know it can be done, just gotta get creative.

I can imagine it does look like it would take a bit of time to put all those armor bits on and what not, I don't blame you I was gonna wear FD Link Sunday but I really didn't want to have to drive back home in costume for 3 hours not to mention that was the day I bought a lot of stuff from the dealer room sooo yeah giant sword, clunky armor and bags of junk doesn't mix well together.

Look forward to seeing the final product at A-kon! I should have a few tweeks on mine as well.
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