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Hiproll construction

I get asked a lot about how I made the hiproll (V scoop) part for my Mars fuku, so I will try to explain as best I can how I did it here. (Then I can just link back to this page for future ref)

Hiproll construction
For the inside filling I used upholstery foam sponge sheet 1/2 inch thickness - it is manufactured in huge sheets, so I just asked for a length that would suit me and the man gladly cut a few yards off.
Basically the foam sheet is cut to shape (long narrow strip), and rolled around on itself - edge butted to edge, so that it forms a long tube shape and it is then hand sewn to hold it together - like suturing.
For the hiproll you need to start off by cutting out long tapered pieces, so that when they are rolled and sewn they form tapered tubes.

Here is a progress picture which shows how I shaped the foam from flat sheet into tubes for the glove rolls. Note that these glove rolls are the same thickness all the way around (i.e. not tapered) - so they start off as rectangle shapes of sponge which are rolled around to form the tube shape.

But of course the hiproll (V scoop) pieces taper to a point - so instead they start out as long tapered pieces of foam sheet and when they are rolled into tubes they become tapered tubes.
Unfortunately I didn't take a wip picture of that, but in place here is my (rubbishy) photoshoped pic to give you the idea of the shapes the hiproll filling took during construction.

My hiproll was made as two seperate tapered tube pieces (left side..right side). I then covered them with simple white lycra covers. To get a snug fit I wrapped the white lycra material around the tapered foam tubes and hand sewed the seam tight up against the sponge filling. (1 inch seam allowances left on the outside - these are usefull later to join the skirt onto).
The two completed hiproll pieces were then hand sewed together first at the front to form the V and then positioned (and pinned) onto the bodice whilst wearing it, and finally were joined where they meet at the back. (back join hidden behind bow)

Hiproll covers .
As I mentioned earlier I made my hiproll covers so the seam allowances are on the outside.
The seam allowance on the hiproll cover becomes an ideal place to fix the skirt onto later.

Attatching hiproll onto bodice
It is best to attatch the hiproll to the leotard/bodice whilst wearing it and pin it on whilst looking in a dress mirror - that way you can get it in the best place to suit your body. - Too high up and the skirt will end up really long just to cover your modesty..Too low and you will look all body and short legs! There is a position where it gives a nice balance to your proportions. (Oh - wear your shoes whilst you do this part too!) Pin the hiproll on carefully and then remove the garment carefully (or else ouchies). Then hand sew it onto the garment properly. To fix the hiproll onto the bodice I sewed through the same hiproll cover seam line and went into the bodice. This leaves the seam allowance dangling free just under the hiproll (which is important for the next part.)

Attatching the skirt
The skirt can be easily fixed on top of the hiproll seam allowance. The skirt top can be pushed right under the hiproll and if it is sewed close to its edge the stitching is hidden by the overhanging hiproll.

If there are any other questions I will edit them in..
Hope people find it useful.
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