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Okay, so I figure I'd make this a sort of review thread as well as a thread for sharing new shops. So, here goes!

I visited the Cosmo wig shop a few days ago (much to my surprise they're practically neighbors with JB wigs). I didn't go at a horribly hectic time (roughly 6:30pm on a weekday), so the store was pretty empty. Though my initial impression of the store was approval (they provide slippers for the customers to use while in the shop), I quickly grew dissatisfied with this wig shop. It took them roughly 5 minutes for someone to come over and greet me and ask what I was looking for. After plopping me down in front of a computer because they didn't know what I was trying to describe (and not from my lack of communications skills) and saying as soon as I found a reference picture they would try to help me out , they left to go upstairs to help out a customer that came in later than me. I sat there for at least 20 minutes with no response. They had at least 3 on staff and I believe one of them just wandered around the shop doing nothing...while I was clearly the only customer waiting on someone in the shop -___-

So, clearly as that was a failed attempt at trying a new wig shop, I hopped on over to my preferred choice of a shop. I walked right in and was greeted by the salesladies (saleswomen?) on duty. The experience was honestly a complete 180 turn from the previous store. She helped me out in picking wigs and answering all my questions as well as gave me tips and feedback on some minor styling questions. It was actually a pretty fun experience because they've never heard of dying wigs before with the ol' ink-and-alcohol mix and were questioning me about it. Fun fact: the loose fibers they use are the same as the famous Cyperous shop in Japan, which only added to my enthusiasm for this shop. I don't know if other shops let the customers do this, but this particular wig shop lets people try on their wigs free of charge and obligation (they let you borrow a fresh wig cap and let you go at it). The only bummer was that some of their wigs were out of stock, but I found suitable substitutes without an issue.

Anyways, as I was buying for three of my friends as well as myself, I'm sorry to say that Cosmo lost out on almost $200 USD worth of my business as well as any respect as I have for them. I'm sorry if I sound a little bitter, but it really was a disappointing experience and I've tried my best to be as unbiased as possible. And, as always, this is a opinion and other people are entitled to their own as well. Feel free to post a rebuttal or your own experiences.
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