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Alright, there's a story behind the two reviews I'm about to do. Okay, so a while back, I purchased a Mileena (Mortal Kombat) costume from a member here on I wore the costume to the convention and placed in inside a box for storage till the next convention. One day soon after, my dog managed (and I will never know how) to get inside the costume box. He decided he really liked the mask to the costume and turned it into his own personal chew toy, thus ruining the mask completely. I immediately email the member I bought the costume from to see if she could make me another mask, but unfortunately she had no more fabric of the color she would need (the mask and costume colors match). So, keeping my fingers crossed, I decided to commission two people in hopes one would make a mask close to the color of the costume. Here are my reviews of those commissioners:

NAME: Dokudel
ITEM COMMISSIONED: Mileena's mask (Mortal Kombat)
TIMEFRAME: I think about two weeks
EXPERIENCE: Dokudel is a very sweet person and replies to PMs very quickly. Her price was very reasonable and was surprised when I received the package that she had made two masks, one small and one large so I could use which one fit me better. Unfortunately, the small one wouldn't even fit over my head (its not a tie mask), and the large mask is a little bit big on me (as you can see in the picture) Fortunately, a little double sided tape should fix that. One peeve I did have with the mask though, is she chose to use WHITE thread hem a PURPLE mask, so the thread shows very well against the mask. This probably won't show up very well in pictures though, but in close up pics it does. Despite this, I would definitely commission her again!
GRADE: A- (the minus is only because of the use of white thread)

NAME: CatNip Cookie
ITEM COMMISSIONED: Mileena's Mask (Mortal Kombat)
TIMEFRAME: About two weeks
EXPERIENCE: Catnip is also very sweet to talk to and replies to emails VERY fast. They started on my project right away and sent progress pictures. Between Dokudel and CatNip Cookie, their mask color choice came closest to the costume color. Unfortunately, when I received the mask and tried it on, it was way too long. Luckily my mother knows a little about sewing and we were able to fix the length ourselves. Otherwise very good experience with this commissioner and would definitely go back!
GRADE: A- (the minus only because they should have asked for measurements, but I also should have been smart enough to provide them...)
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