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Name of Commissioner: Lotahk

Website/ gallery: Ebay store:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Axis Powers Hetalia: Canada (Only the jacket)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
^ That picture really DOES NOT do it justice.
It's really beautiful!
* I will get better, highquality pictures soon. That was taken with my webcam, so you can get the idea of how low quality it is.

Timeline: December 27, 2009 (I paid on this date, I originally contacted the seller on December 25) - January 16, 2010
Very quick!

- Communication excellent. They even wished me a happy new year while communicating with them, which I thought was really nice.
- Seller put up with my stupid, noobish sounding questions about how to pay her without getting irritated/ignoring me (was a first time ebay user with this transaction).
- Jacket is fully lined. There were a few stray threads that I cut, but nothing major/to complain about.
- Everything looks spot on from the pictures they showed.

- I can't really think of any, except for the fact that the fluff on the hood isn't white, it's more gray. But it's still wicked amazing and that's only a minor thing.

Would definitely do business with this person again!

Final Grade:
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