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My friend and I have been long-time customizers (for about 4-5 years now) and have been rather satisfied with the quality and also the fact that they make custom size as neither of us did exactly fit into the standart sizes (she is rather small, but still has curves and I'm kind of average but with more curves than is 'usual').

Lately however, the quality has gone done a bit. Not in a matter of materials, but in a matter of fitting. The blouse I ordered was to tight around the chest, the material stretching quite were the buttons sit. I could wear it with a 'minimizer' bra, so that was no problem.
My friend however was less lucky as they made a few of her custom size clothes in a 'standart' bigger size and just cut off the bottom, so the waist sits way to low.
She send a reclaimation with pics but apparently they couldn't "see what was wrong" and denied it. Seeing how she can't wear it she's pretty disappointed especially size it was a larger order and she pretty much blew it.

My fazit: If you need standart size, you'll probably be lucky (I haven't heard any problems from her friends who didn't order custom), if you need custom size... it can be a bit off.
My friend might just have had been unlucky, as most orders before have been alright, thought.
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