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Name of Commissioner: MajesticLunacy

Website: (She also has a account. Same name as her DA.)

Character commissioned and series/video game: C.C. from Code Geass R2(Black Knight Dress, Belts, and Armwarmers)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: These are the pics I got as I haven't had any time to try on the cosplay at the moment ^_^;

Timeline: Talked to on...July? I think. Paid on August. I got the items on January because it took me a bit to send in the final payment...

•Communication was fast.
•She was very nice and understanding during the whole process.
•Provided progress pictures when asked.
•The items are very good quality

I can't think of any

Comments: I will commision this person again! She is just wonderful

Final Grade: A+
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