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Wow, I've never had that happen to me at COSMO. However, I will add that the salespeople I've worked with in the past have been transferred to their branch in 西門町. (There are a lot less wigs there, though.) Also, when you visit a wig store looking for something in particular (as well as when you go to price costumes), it's generally expected to bring a reference image you can show the salespeople. As an additional note about COSMO, contrary to what I said originally, COSMO no longer styles wigs for free. This was a change that happened at the end of 2009. As for trying on the wigs, COSMO does that too. You can get a wig-cap if you ask the saleslady, and at COSMO, you choose the style you want, and then use the catalog for the color.

All that said, I haven't been to JB in a long while, though it was my primary source of wigs for a long time. The last time I was there, the salespeople were rude to me and the wigs I wanted were out of stock. JB's wigs are also more unpredictable, I've found, in terms of quality. What I mean by that is, my friend and I have bought the same wig there, and hers had a rougher quality and had do I describe this. there was a matted mess of short tangles near the part-line, where the fibers connected to the false scalp. Her wig also tangled more easily than mine and felt rougher, overall. Talking to my friends resulted in us realizing it's a relatively common thing to have happen in JB. JB wigs also don't seem to have a single size for all their wigs even though they think they do? One of my wigs is particularly tight, which makes it more painful to wear while the rest of my JB wigs don't have that problem at all.

Still, one of the reasons I switched over to COSMO when they opened was due to their styling. Not only have they've stopped that but I've started styling my own wigs... I'll probably go back to JB and give them another try. Thanks!
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