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Name of Commissioner: Gneila

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series: Hiruko's coat from Nightmare Inspector

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Never received.

Timeline: about 2 months. (September 1st ~ November 1st) I needed the coat for November 13th (Izumicon)


I'm going to list EVERYTHING that has gone wrong with this commission, and you can be the judge of whether I should be angry or whatever:

I 'hired' (or commissioned, basically I paid for her services) Gneila to make a "Nightmare Inspector" cosplay (Hiruko's coat). A simple off the shoulder coat for $100. Nothing more, just the coat.:
1: Slow communication. Not kidding, it would take her at least 2-4 days to respond to anything. At the beginning, she always answered my phone calls, but about halfway through the timespan she was supposed to be "working" on the coat...communication haulted. Granted, I'll put in the possibility that she's busy. Her page seemed popular and she got good ratings and recommendations (this is before jdawg224 put up his experience). So, if I had known what was in store...I would have ran the other direction.

2: The item was not completed by the day she said it would be. Here's what first ticked me off. I commissioned this woman in AUGUST 31ST and paid her SEPTEMBER 1ST and the item was supposed to be ready by NOVEMBER 1ST! The 1st came and left, with only less than two weeks until the convention.

3: Delays. Now, granted, I'm not heartless. The first thing I heard after three days of the date of when the commission should have been completed, I called the woman up and asked what was up and why I hadn't gotten any feedback about the commission.

-----Her answer? "I had a heart attack." Now, this was around the time that my grandpa had had a heart attack, so I sympathized with her. She said that it would be shipped out the following week and she would call me to tell me it was on it's way. Next week came and went with no word. Now, five days until the convention. I call back saying that the coat didn't make it to my home and if she sent it.

-----Her answer? "I had some housing issues that needed to be taken care of." At this point, I'm thinking "WHAT THE F***?!" She said that she would ship it the next day and it should be there two days before the convention. Being the 'kind' person I am...I let this slide. So I simply expressed the urgency that the con was a mere five days away and that I really did need it. She expressed her apologies and said that it would indeed be shipped as she said.

4: Day to leave for the convention (also the day the convention started, a Friday), and sure item. I spend the entire morning trying to get a hold of her, and finally, 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave, I did. I told her that it was the day of the convention and that I still didn't have my item. She expressed her, most people would be thinking "she has to give you a refund now" right? WRONG! "I'll ship it to the hotel" is her reply. By now, I am beyond pissed and I had more than half a mind to call it all off and demand my money back...but no. I gave her the benefit if the doubt and gave her the hotel's address. I told her that the con was three days long and that that day was the first day. She said that it would definitely be there. So we go on our not-so-merry way to the con in the next city. My friend was also WTF when I told her about the commissioner.

5: Next day at the con, I try calling the woman to make sure she sent it....the entire day, she never once picked up the phone. And I have no access to a computer to send emails. I go down to the front desk in the evening to see if any packages came, and sure enough...nothing for me. So I thought, well, maybe it'll be here before we leave tomorrow. WRONG!

6: Third, and last, day of the con. We had to be out of our room by noon, and had everything packed away in the car, ready to just walk around and admire the items and cosplays there. I check by the front desk again, and guessed it...nothing. I was not happy on the ride home to say the least. I spent the next two days calling the woman, and she never answered. Surprise, surprise.

7: And my favorite thing that happened. I came home p***ed. I sent her an angry email saying that this was the worst experience with commissioning that I've ever had and that she would not be having my business again and that I expected a refund. At this point, I wasn't even sure she even MADE the coat to begin with (I'm still not sure she has), having not been updated when asked to send pictures of it. This response was different from the was quickly responded to.

------Her response? "the fail is completely my fault. I would like to offer you an additional garment to be completed and sent to you in addition to make up for the failure." (11-17-2009)

Now, I'm thinking =_= "Just give me the f***ing coat...that's what I originally paid for." So, I asked her to make me a pokemon hoodie and send it with the coat. Stupid me.

Needless to say, I'm p***ed and I now expect TWO things out of her, or a refund. Which I'm never probably going to get any of those. I know she's seen that I've left her messages on here, because her pages says that she logs in about every two days...and I leave a message everyday.

Pros: Helpful in beginning

Cons: Little to no communication (it's been over a month since I last communicated with her), never received the item (the most recent communication I had with her was when she promised to send the coat out the week of Christmas), made excuses to push back when the coat was to be sent

Two years later...still nothing. Avoid this commissioner at ALL costs! She's a scammer and a liar!

Three years later...still nothing. There's some communication going on, and her (again) promising the refund that she owes. I'll only believe it when I see it, unfortunately.

Grade: F-
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