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Ah, I suppose that was an error on my part. I have to give COSMO credit for having a computer on hand for those that don't bring a reference photo.

And, yes, I was wondering what was up when I asked them about styling wigs and they replied that there would be an additional cost. Thanks for the heads-up about trying on wigs.

I went to JB for the first time, what, over one year ago? That sounds about right. Anyways, they've made quite a few changes since my first visit. I have to admit that quite a few of their more popularly colored and styled wigs are out of stock. But, the quality has changed immensely. See, the main floor of the building is all the heat resistant wigs and higher quality wigs. I believe this is their own line, but I can't completely vouch for that. The top floor houses the less expensive and non-heat resistant wig selection. If I recall correctly, the fibers don't feel as soft and 'human-like' as the wigs downstairs in my opinion. As for wig cap size, I can't say I've had that happen (though that does sound like it would suck :/), but they are a tad smaller than the one Cosworx wig I own I must admit. Anyhow, consistency just seems as if it's not that much of a problem anymore, seeing as how they've started using better fibers (but in turn the prices for the wigs are higher, as expected, but I think it's a fair exchange). Every wig I've purchased I was happy with and didn't have many problems.

Out of curiosity, do you also get a free wig cap with every purchase at COSMO? Just wondering.

Anyways, I really appreciate this second opinion on these two stores. Thanks for sharing!

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