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I am not sure about going to this forum..but looking for Ukrainian cosplayers in Kyiv

Privet everyone! (I don't know Russian very well...but I can understand some words.. and I know how to read cyrillic...but i am still working on speaking and understanding it completely)

Please forgive me if I am in the wrong forum. But I figured Russia is next to Ukraine so maybe some of you know of some Ukrainian cosplayers. I am travelling to Kyiv, Ukraine from July 14th-23rd... I would like to meet with some Ukrainian cosplayers and possiblly do Hetalia photo shoots. I dress up as Ukraine also. ^_^; Although I would also dress up as America or any other country if they want.

If there are Ukrainians who like to cosplay other stuff, that would be kruto! Ofcourse I have to prepare it all beforehand...^^;

I look forward to hearing the replies.. I really hope someone can help me here. And I would love pen pals too... Russians definitely welcome! Since I also want to get better at speaking Russian..yes? <3

Spasiba! ^_^

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