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Prop Tutorial: Ciel's Cane (Kuroshitsuji)

You can make Ciel Phantomhive's "stick" out of a regular cane!!
Here's an item every Ciel Phantomhive needs: his gorgeous cane! Just by remaking a standard cane, you can achieve a great high-class look. It's much easier than you might think! It takes 2-3 hours to make, so it's great even as a last-minute addition the night before an event. If you can find a folding or collapseable cane, you'll have a much easier time transporting it to and from events.

You'll Need:

1) a cane
2) a glue gun
3) Freeplastic (moldable plastic)
4) A box-cutter/cutter-pen
5) sandpaper
6) masking tape
7) spraypaint (gold)
8) skewers/toothpicks
9) gemstone adhesive
10) rhinestones

1) Draw a design on the handle
Using a gluegun, make a raised design on the handle. Keep your lines curved, almost like the letter "S".

2) Draw on the endpiece as well.
Draw a similar design on the cane's endpiece. We've used white glue in the pictures to make it easier to see, but clear glue will actually stand out less when painted.

3) Soften the freeplastic
Fill a bowl with hot water and use it to soften some freeplastic. When it's soft enough, scoop it out with chopsticks or the skewers, be careful not to burn yourself!

Wrap the freeplastic around the cane
Wrap the freeplastic around the cane just under the handle and mold it into a cyllindrical shape. If you make a mistake, don't worry, just take it off and re-soften it before starting again.

(continued in the next post)
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