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Prop Tutorial: Ciel's Cane (Kuroshitsuji) (part 2)

5) Harden the Freeplastic
Give the freeplastic a bit of time to set. If you want to continue right away, using a hair-dryer on the cool setting is okay too.

6) Use a cutter to clean up your design
Now use your cutter-pen to clean up any areas of glue which have run or smudged. The thinner your cutter-pen, the more detailed your fixes can be.

7) Sand down your freeplastic
In order to get a nice smooth finish, you're going to want to even out the surface of the freeplastic with sandpaper. When you've finished, it will have an extra high-quality, polished look.

8) Fix the freeplastic
If you experience any chips or other troubles with the freeplastic when sanding, they're easy enough to fix. Just use the hot setting on your hairdryer to soften the trouble-spot long enough for a repair.

9) Cover the cane with masking tape
Cover all areas of the cane that you don't want to be gold with masking tape. 30 cm tape works well for this.

10) Spray Paint the cane
Lay down newspaper in a well-ventilated area then spray down your cane several times. Let it dry naturally for awhile.

(continued in the next post)
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