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This is an interesting thread. I have always hoped more sisters and brothers would get into cosplay, and I do see quite a few in my con travels. Down in Texas at A-kon and AnimeFEST, there's this wonderful girl I know who does a terriffic Anthy. Another gent I met in seattle got out the green face paint and antenna and whamo..Piccolo! He had the muscles for it....

And another cute winsom girl I met had the figure to do Nadia. Strange that no one has dug up Claudia from Macross. A pioneer in strong black anime characters if there ever where any. And there ARE a lot of them, you just have to look. And just because you are black it doesn't mean you can't do the other characters... I mean, A brother cosplaying as Kenshin would be wicked dope. And sisters doing Mai Shiranui or Kasumi...cold shower time! And some of the absolute totally kawaii children are of asian /pacific island and black heritage, and when they cosplay in their teens and twenties, look out.

The only thing keeping more of our ilk out of cosplay/anime is the current infatuation with gangsta rap and other influences. It makes it hard for some of the kids to deal with their peers when they "break faith" and do their own thing.

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