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I do that photo thing...
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Originally Posted by MiddayIce View Post
Sometimes u get a group of people where a few really stand out to you. and the others don't. And you don't want to be rude or anything.
My rule of thumb there is 'it doesn't cost me anything to take a photo and a little goodwill goes a long way'

If a group photoshoot is happening and there are a few cosplayers there who excel above the rest, I'm not going to ask them for photos and ignore the rest - even if everyone knows those I'm picking out are the 'best' visually, it won't keep from hurting feelings, and that's just not cool. As TykeJack somewhat mentioned, waiting for the group to be done to take people aside unobtrusively is one option.

If there is a situation like yours where there are two cosplayers but you're only interested in the one, I take photos of them both. I can certainly spend more time with the cosplayer I like more - but I also make sure to make it clear why - I compliment their construction, or tell them it's one of my favourite characters. I never tell them it's because they look good in their costume because the implication is that the other person doesn't - and even if it's a matter of one being 'good' and one being 'better' it still makes the other feel self conscious.

Not only is it just more polite, but it means that the next day of con when the 'less interesting' cosplayer is dressed as something really kickass, they won't snub you when you want a photo.
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