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Originally Posted by xApocalypse View Post
Oh,i dont know about you guys,But "choosing" the cosplayer you want out of a group of people,or friends ,whatever is kinda common around here.
I mean,I was hanging around with the same person,talnted cosplayer who is my dear friend,The whole day.
And people kept asking for my photo and didnt ask for hers,and we were like..Always together.Its very common for us cosplayers where i live so she didnt get offended or anything,but i felt really odd.Why does photographers do that?
Like you guys said...Shooting a person,espically if its a person that is with someone you wanna shoot,wont kill you.
I never get them xD
yea here to. i mean everyone is beautiful. I didn't care if i got my pic taken. If i want it took i will do it myself. But another point being. like u said apocalypse. i have a friend who loves to cosplay. i do alot of her pics. i think i am the only one that does. She seemed to get real upset when another cosplayer she was hanging with. with the same outfit got there pic took. and she didnt. So i can understand the whole nice thing. And waiting to get the person you want when there is no one else around. And your right. 1 extra pic of another person wont hurt. and it will make there day most of the time ^_^.

Have u guys ever had a group or just jump infront of your camera when your trying to photograph??? o.o... im just like.. wow... and just pose and then the group you wanted to do gets mad and walks off.. o.o..

ok getting off topic.

another thing. if they dont have time. to pose that moment. you can always ask if they can meet you at a certain spot at a certain time for like there own private shoot.??? sorry if this has already been said
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