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I have another question guys.
How does cosplay photographers react if the cosplayer is getting a little bossy in a photoshoot?
Im very bossy when it comes to photoshoots,not only cosplay,but in general.Espically when im infront of the camera.I know myself very well,i know which poses that i do looks good and which isnt,I know which lighting is good for me and which isnt.Sometimes even the most serious photographer dont know that stuff about me right away,And im always afraid that if i direct myself a little and do my own thing they will think im rude for not listening to them.
But then again,i only want the best for 2 of us,Im not trying to be rude.
Erg,idk,mabye i should just calm down abit when it comes to that stuff.Im obessed with being in control.
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