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I do that photo thing...
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Originally Posted by xApocalypse View Post
Oh and,i have a weird question.
Since im a photographer,And a cosplayer,It is very important for me that even the randomest people will have a nice shot of me.
But sometimes even the serious photographers that asks to take photos dont seem to care about how much it is important for me to give them the best shot i can,And you know its very difficult in the crowdest place in the con.So anyway,My question is...If i see someone that looks like a serious photographer and not some passerby with a cellphone cam,That asks to take my photo,How do you think they will react if i ,Myself ask to go to a diffrent location And have better shots?
I wanted to do it for a long time..but i always think its kinda rude..or idk...Is it?
What would you guys do?

Thank you!
First of all, keep in mind that SLR cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper to buy, so they're much more common at a con now than they were a few years ago. Just because a person has an expensive camera doesn't mean they're serious (or good) - it just means they have an expensive camera.

I always suggest when someone asks to take your photo, you position yourself where it does you the most good- when I get asked for a photo in a crowded hallway, for example, I say "Sure, but let's go over here" and walk to a nearby spot that won't impede traffic or have a potted plant growing out of my head. If they want your photo, they'll be wiling to adjust - and if they're not, it's not really worth giving them your photo.
If you feel comfortable with the photographer after a few shots, it certainly doesn't hurt to ask if they'd be interested doing a shoot with you. It's not rude - and many of the photogs here on the forums have said that they're willing to shoot with people who ask. The worst they can say is no, and no harm done.

Even better would be to find photogs you like who are attending the same cons as you and schedule in advance, if you really want the best photos possible of your costume.

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