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Originally Posted by Jia Jem View Post
Great idea for a thread, guys.

What do photographers think about cosplayers re-editing photos? Cropping, changing colors, airbrushing, etc. Is it considered rude, even if it's pointed out that it's been changed?
It really depends on the degree of re-editing the cosplayer is planning to do. If it's just some minor fixes to the skin or minor level/color adjustment it might not be that big of a deal. However, if it's gonna be a big makeover to the original image then it is important to communicate with your photog before you make the changes. (more like, before you upload your version of your image actually)

I can't speak for all photographers but to some photographers editing is a big part of the creative process. They might have edited an image a certain way for a purpose. When in doubt, always communicate
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