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I'm in agreement with Andy and SvK. It's always good to communicate possible changes.

Regarding re-cropping, all of my photos are cropped the best way I see fit and include a watermark. I might see an issue if the photograph is re-cropped especially if the watermark disappears. If it's a recrop for avatar purposes, I'm always fine with that.

Originally Posted by xApocalypse
Im very bossy when it comes to photoshoots,not only cosplay,but in general.Espically when im infront of the camera.I know myself very well,i know which poses that i do looks good and which isnt,I know which lighting is good for me and which isnt.Sometimes even the most serious photographer dont know that stuff about me right away,
Well it always good when the cosplayer has a battery of poses to use; it can make the photographer's job a little bit easier. Though giving a photographer some wiggle room for creativity is always appreciated.

As for dictating the lighting, sometimes the lighting dictates you in which case it is usually up to the photographer to adapt to or create lighting or to simply just move you around. With all of the cosplayers I've worked with, none of them have advised me on how I should proceed. Lighting is something that I think of and plan on my own ahead of time and sometimes develop contigency plans for if things aren't right.
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