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JB has changed their layout every time I went back to visit. It was actually the other way around for me: the crazier colors on the top floor (pinks, blues, red, etc; all the colors of the rainbow!) and the more 'natural' colors on the main floor. I always take pictures of their shop every time I visit in hopes of using it as a more accurate color guide, but it's not very helpful when they keep changing up the displays. Still, the website has a color guide that's pretty dang near accurate, so it's not needed anymore.

@ Zychez: It seems as if it's the same exact seller. The shop pictures at the bottom are exactly the same as the store I visited, but I can't vouch for its authenticity (after all, it's easy for anyone to rip the photo off of their website and just post it as their own). You can always try emailing them and asking more questions. Hope it all works out!
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