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Name of Merchant: ProfessionalOnly.
Item Purchased: 1 long pink wig.
Pictures: Sadly, I don't own a camera... XD;
Timeline: Um, it took about a week or two from the time I bought it to get to my house. I'm Canadian though, so it'd probably take less time for... non-Canadians.

Experience: The standard eBay experience: win item, do happy dance, pay, receive, gloat.

Pros: Easy to brush through... and I mean BRUSH through. I didn't really know of the brush-to-wig taboo when I bought this wig, but it's still in nice shape afterward. For what I paid, the quality is pretty excellent and the fibers are thick enough so that the netting doesn't show.

Cons: The picture on their listing is extremely whited out. The wig is a tad lighter than I thought it would be, and the wefts are thin... just thick enough to cover the netting, but nothing too noticeable.

Final Comments: A nice first wig. <3 Not amazing, but also not mediocre.
Final Grade: B

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