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Name of Merchant: arda-wigs
Item Purchased: Le Tigre - Long.
Pictures: Sadly, I don't own a camera... XD;
Timeline: It didn't take very long to ship, despite buying it around Christmas. In fact, I was surprised when I read there had been a delay... o_o

Experience: The standard buying experience. :3 Click button, grudgingly give money, wait for a week, receive item, pee pants, rush to try on, die from how silky the fibers are, etc etc.

Pros: THE SILKIEST thing ever. Very very thick and very long as well... it went down to my butt before I cut it. XD And when I say really thick, I mean it looks like it's three wigs combined. It's a monster!
I cannot stop touching this wig. I dyed it Katie Bair style and it took to dye amazingly... amazingly as in I dipped a swatch into the dye, pulled it out and ran it under water and it was INSTANTLY my desired shade. It was crazy. It's not quite as silky as it used to be now that I dyed it, but it's still got like... a real-hair type shine to it. Also, I didn't need to style it too heavily for Lucy (Elfen Lied) but for what it's worth, it took well to the small amount of product I've used on it.

Cons: DO NOT get this as your first wig. XD; Oh my god. Despite the fibers being so silky, there are LOTS of them, meaning it's three times as likely to tangle itself to oblivion. I recommend dousing this baby in wig conditioner upon arrival. Also, be gentle with it because it sheds sometimes... which is a very minor problem because even after three months of shedding it's like... OH NO, NOW IT'S ONLY GOT AS MUCH FIBER AS TWO WIGS. Sarcasm. Basically, sheddding isn't a big deal when it's already got that much kankelon.

Final Comments: Like I said, don't get this baby as a first wig... get is as a fourth (long) wig, maybe. AND LOVE IT. It's amazing and I couldn't recommend it more to the people who can take care of it the way it deserves.
Final Grade: A+

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