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Name of Merchant: Cosplaywig.
Item Purchased: A long Taiga character wig. (Currently out of stock.) AKA a brown, butt-length curly thing.
Pictures: Sadly, I don't own a camera... XD;
Timeline: Unlike the other wigs I have, this took like... two and a half weeks to ship to me. o_o But it doesn't really matter since the con it's for is still a month and a half away.

Experience: The standard eBay experience: win item, do happy dance, pay, receive, gloat.

Pros: OH. MY. GOD. This ties with my arda, and unlike the arda, I WOULD recommend this as a first wig. Despite being curly and reaching my butt, it's impossible to tangle. The fibers feel unbelievably like real hair... much nicer than my poorly maintained curls, I must admit. I can walk around with this on for hours and only finger comb it back to perfection. The individual fibers and thick and it keeps its curls nicely. I haven't tried dyeing or styling it.

Cons: Since it's a character wig, I have to comment on this; it was a tad dark for Taiga. That's the only thing I can find wrong with this beauty.

Final Comments: Get a cosplaywig wig!
Final Grade: A+
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