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Borderlands Cosplay

This is a thread about cosplay for Borderlands. If you've got any costumes/props from Borderlands, feel free to share (Note: if this thread has been made before, forgive me and let this one die)

I've just started on my first ever cosplay outfit: the Psycho. I've got an old hockey mask of mine which i'm going to glue the bottom of a plastic bottle to the mouth area of the mask (to give the rather rubbish illusion of a ventilation system). I'm then going to paint over the entire mask with white and finish off with the detailing.
I'm also going to try and get some orange trousers and old leather belts. If anyone could give me some pointers on what type of trouser to use, i'd really appreciate it: i'm not too sure whether to try sweat pants, jeans, cargo, canvas etc.
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