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Is there any compromising with photographers about taking down embarrassing pics?
Sometimes - particularly with lengthier photoshoots, I'll let people preview the pictures before I'm done, and filter out pictures they aren't keen on. I like this, because it saves me work picking which photos to include. Everyone wins. (However, those photos usually aren't done being tweaked - no point spending time on pictures when most of them are going to get scrapped - and it does bug me when cosplayers post the not quite yet ready pictures.)

I don't like taking down pictures once I feel I have a final set up. Almost every time I've been asked, I thought they were OK photos. It's disappointing, but whatever.

On the flip side, I think I've had at least as many (maybe more) requests for photos that I took that didn't make my initial cut than for taking down pictures. How do the rest of you address requests for more (taken, but unpublished) pictures?
Sometimes I'll look back and add a couple more that didn't quite make my cut.
Sometimes they want specific shots, that I feel just didn't work. In which case if I really don't like it, no one gets to see it.
(In at least one case, I couldn't even find the picture they wanted, which means it was deleted on the camera, which I tend to only do for undoubtedly unusable pictures. (significantly and unartistically over/under exposed or misfocused, wardrobe problem, etc.))

Do any photographers have horror stories about models being too picky?
Yes! More than one case of people wanting none or just one or two pictures from a shoot to be kept. Most of those times, checking with other friends of mine, they agree the additional pictures I wanted to post were not unflattering or otherwise problematic.
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