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ZhangJuliet (doesn't have a website that I am aware of, found her 2 years ago in the marketplace here)
I've had 2 done by her: Soul Eater's Medusa and Luck Star's Akira

Medusa first:
Medusa was my first real break into cosplay, wore it at AWA 2008. Only reason I even considered cosplaying was that I was having a very stressful time in college and my anime club was going to AWA. My boyfriend wanted to help me have fun and pressured me into finding someone to commission this cosplay from on the condition that he'd pay for it. I was a bit nervous about it, especially since the maker was in China and I had no idea what I'd do if it turned out wrong.
Pros: Excellent contact, answered all my questions and even asked some to make it perfect. Gave very detailed instructions about measurements. She also did rush jobs. Costume ended up being $89 with free shipping.
Cons: Only con was that costume was a body/jump suit, and the stride was a bit...short? My fault for measurements, and it was still completely wearable. I still have it, it still looks like new.

Akira: contacted her again last april for this.
pros: very quick job (like 2 weeks?). again, detailed measurements. nice material, it wasn't made out of cotton, wasn't really sure of the material used. She even put some lace around the collar. $45 and free shipping.

cons: instead of being grey, the skirt and tie were navy blue. Then again I did not specify colors, so I don't really have a problem with it. Wore it around Kami-Con (I'm Kami-Con's VP-Chels for those who are wondering) for 2 days, even got a stain on it (that completely came out in the wash), still looks like new.

Comments: She (pretty sure it was a team actually) always requested as many reference pictures and feedback as possible. Only problem, I've once again emailed her for a commission, but she has not emailed me back. Before I would get a reply within 2 days. I'm worried she has gone out of business, which makes me really sad. I hope she's still around somewhere, but I've been searching and am unable to find her. If I don't get a reply this week, I'm commissioning Cosplay1, who has already replied to my 1 am email.

ZhangJuliet: A+++++++++++ (really miss her. )
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