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Wink Heyho

I see this topic kinda froze two years ago, but I'll give it a try to warm it up again xDDD
I'm going to have a 3 month work placement in Beijing and would love to attent some Cosplay Events there, but I have no idea where to find them. ^^'
I'm going to stay at the "Far Est Youth Hostel Beijing" and it would be nice if someone could tell me about some Cosplay events in that area.
I'll get to Beijing on the 1st June and until my internship starts I'll have one week to find my way around.

I love Cosplaying and hope to find some friends by attending Cosplayevents ^o^
我的汉语不太好.....我今年去中国 o.O *uh-oh*我看汉字看得马马虎虎。写汉字写得很慢。我的汉字不太漂亮。我在北京要找一间房子,可是我 不知道怎么办。 谁可以帮助我?

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