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solstis & hawkflight : thank you ~
i was going for a somewhat refined look, hence the tail coat.
as for the " random nails " there was some thought in that. xD
absol only has three fingers.. claws.. whatever you call them- on his feet,
so i tried to work that into the design there.
but if that seems like it's too confusing to recognize, i can always alter it to where they're either full gloves, or fingerless gloves with the nails.

aha, i figured as much with that horn.
as well as the tail. it's like this weird little nub thing. xDD
i'll play around with the idea of making the tail a keychain or an accessory of some sort though.
as for the horn, i'd considered dying my hair in it's shape as well,
but i'm worried that even if i do it right, people will still ask what i'm supposed to be.
that happens a lot when doing original concepts, unfortunately, no matter how obvious they may be.
i might just have to suck it up and have a giant thing comin' outta my head.
but i'm not sure what materials to make it out of so that it won't be too heavy or how to even attach something like that to a wig. ideas ? o _O
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