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eliteslayer : aha, don't worry, i've never tried anything like this before either. xD
any suggestions are better than nothing to me, so thank you for your input !
but i think i have an idea of what you mean, as far as attaching it.
sort of like a headband shape for the wire beneath the wig ?
if i go with the plush, i'd have to chicken wire the hell out of the inside to give it shape,
but at least that way it'd be hallow on the inside and fairly light.

and it's good to know i'm not the only one that's new to this sort of thing. xD
my first suggestion would be to incorporate Lugia's giant hand wings.
he feels incomplete without them !
you can probably do this by either creating the sleeves to be that shape,
or maybe making a scarf that has ends in the shapes of his wings.

i love the idea of using the cardboard to make the spikes on his back stand up. //cardboard prop lover.
just be sure to give the spikes a bit of dimension, and they'll turn out nicely.

as for the belt, are you intending it to be like a sash kind of thing ?
or an actual belt that like, has a buckle and stuff ? o wo

dazzle chan : ooh, vaporeon looks like it'd have a very cool design ~
are you going to use one of the existing gijinka artworks, or are you designing your own ?
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