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so my friend just informed me that she has buckets of white fur laying around from a previous fabric run.
i can probably tweak my design so i can have the monstrously fuzzy cuffs and collar that i wnated ~

eliteslayer : aah, that's a good idea ~
though i hope it won't be that heavy that i end up doing that. xD
either way, i won't know till i try.

big gloves would be a good idea, i was thinking of suggesting that earlier,
but i wasn't sure.
well, widenning the sleeves on a pre - made piece of clothing is probably semi - impossible unless you're okay with it looking weird.
however, attaching sleeves to, say, a sleeveless hoodie gives you some leeway.

alright sweet. i like the idea of it being a sash versus a belt.
my only concern with the sash, is that if you get a hoodie that's really baggy and has that clingy bottom things that sweaters have... THIS THING is what i mean. xDD //fails at explaining.
anyway, i'm wondering if wrapping a sash around that in the middle of your body will make it bunch up weird on the bottom.
i think if you did get a baggy hoodie, you may want to wrap the sash around the bottom portion of it.

and you're welcome, glad i could be of some help ~

solstis : oooh, that'd be cute ~ ! o wo
but i'm doing a male version of him,
so would that be weird to have a hair clip ? xD
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