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..Oh man. Why haven't I seen this board..?
I'm working on finishing up a Kyle cosplay, I just need a new hat (the.. one I made doesn't fit over my hair when I leave it curly..) and some pants. Then take some photos..
.. I need to put together one for Ze Mole..
And One for Red Goth, as well as Kenny and either a Zombie, Demon, or Angel Kenny.. (..wanna vote on which one? XD)
And quite possibly a Craig, as I think I have a matching jacket for my hat somewhere.. Possibly a Goth Stan..
And maybe Thomas. I don't think I've ever seen a cosplay of him..
And maybe Vampire Butters, because.. he's adorable, but that much adorable might just kill me.

But ~Squid~ ... you got a Kyle hat..? Was it in like, a big chain store? I can't find a green one.. XD
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