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Binding: Long term effects?

Hey there everyone. Since I'm a total newb when it comes to cosplay, and even crossplay for that matter I want everyone's opinion on this.
I have some crossplays planned out, and since I'm a 38C, borderline D. I have to bind.
So, anyways. I explained this to my mom so she wouldn't think I hurt myself when I came home with Ace bandages, haha. She of course flipped out saying binding my chest was going to 'cause problems since I have a large chest, and ect. (She said I'd get cancer, what really? >_>)
So, I tried to pull the excuse there's lots of large chested girls out there who bind, even average sized, and small chested girls.

What's everyone's opinion on this? I mean, I know you're not supposed to wear Ace bandages for extended periods of time, if you do that, you need a proper binder, ect. But yeah.
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