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I have the Janome DC2010.
I did some research before buying it.
Some of the reasons why I love it:
1. made from/by Japan
2. has metal parts so makes less noise ( I was definitely looking for this because I didn't want to disturb my bf in the other room while he was working. I also like to sew at night sometimes.)
3. The Bobbin does not jam 95% of the time (compared to my cheap Brother sewing machine which jammed like every 10 min). It even sews flux leather without getting stuck (but I still recommend getting the special foot if you sew a lot of flux leather just for a smoother glide).
4. Has a lot of features like auto thread cut and quick buttons which will make your life so much easier.
I've used this sewing machine to make plush and cosplay clothes.

I loved it so much that I just recently purchased a Janome 634D MyLock Overlock Serger Sewing Machine online from an "Authorized Dealer" so that I can get a more professional finish on my garments. It's arriving this Monday . It is the same price as my current sewing machine. I choose this one because it has a heavy duty cutting blade. In case I want to start making my own jeans in the near future (You can never have enough jeans).

Janome has a website with a listing of most of their Machines:
The prices are not listed but you can check for that on ebay or amazon.
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