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Vocaloid Song Reference: Akujiki Musume Conchita

A blood red dress that wraps the body: the very definition of excess
This is the first MEIKO song from Aku no P. It featyres the lovely epicurian lady Conchita (MEIKO) and has a cannibalism theme. This time 壱加 has really laid on the atmosphere! Here we'll introduce MEIKO's Conchita along with Rin and Len, playing the parts of her servants.

Composer/Lyricist: 悪のP(mothy)
Illustrator: 壱加

Comment from 壱加: I tried to make MEIKO's costume, a focal point in this piece, red to match the song's image color. I wanted to draw the twins, Rin and Len, in the part of servants and tried to convey that as well as I could through their costumes. I didn't actually make any references for these costumes before I illustrated them, but these should capture the essence and feeling behind the design.

Conchita, the lovely epicurian gourmet. MEIKO is wearing a dress in her signature red image color. The design features elegant princess-style sleeves, flaring into flowing, wide openings.

Corset ~ A corset-like piece with lacing in the front. It fits over the underdress and creates a cleaner fit.

Sash ~ The sash is part of the dress, tied in the back after the corset is secured. There's a black line trimming both ends of the sash.

Tying Conchita's sash

(continued in the next post)
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