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Okay guys, I'm pursuing a revival, because I want an opinion on something.

I have about three months before the A-kon, as people are so happy to remind me, and since my Kefka has bowed out, I can focus on my final costume. But I'm having second thoughts about my final.

If I do Esper Terra, a decent wig alone (commissioned by Kukki-san here on will run me about $265. That's not including the bodysuit I'd need to order (about $65) and all the accessories needed. My work does NOT pay me enough, and my husband doesn't understand paying so much for a wig. I THINK I can pull it together, but I will have NO money saved up for the con. Sadly, If I don't do this costume now, it will go on the back burner for an undetermined amount of time, as I am being forced to cut back to one new costume a con and my next costume will be Lina Inverse from Slayers.

Lately though, I've found myself thinking I'd just take my Terra stuff and make or buy her a pretty kimono to wear. It's an interesting idea, and one I'm not sure has been done before. So now I'm doing research on kimonos (well more like yukata, since this will be June and HOT, but I dunno yet.) and I'm wanting to do this RIGHT as I have great respect for japanese culture. But I currently am confused about something. Unmarried women wear the long sleeved furisode and married women wear more normal sleeves and subdued patterns. I am married, but Terra isn't. I can't decide what kind of kimono to look for.

Gah. I think this is my longest post on this site yet. But I need help! Thoughts? Anyone????
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