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Originally Posted by iLissy View Post
HK ftw~ Just saying.

Anyway, hello fellow Hong Kongers~ I'm from Toronto, Canada as well and I will be going to HK for about 2-3 months this summer. (May-July) I'm missing Anime North, but I'm wondering if there are any other conventions in HK that are around this time?

Also, I remember the last time I visited there was this book convention. Anyone know if they sell mangas there? :O~ I heard that some people cosplayed their fav book character there as well o.O and are the octopus cards still in use? I adored those cards <3 So much easier than carrying change around(aside from the octopus card stealers > _>'')
Octopus cards are still in use. Not only that, it has expanded to many shops and chain stores.
Even car parks.

...I missed Anime North...
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