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Making a Starry-Sky Uniform Patch from Felt and Iron-on Print

Here we'll introduce an easy method to create the uniform patches on each arm of the costumes in "Starry Sky". The uniforms are quite stylish and so is the school crest. You might think it's beyond your abilities at first, but with just some felt and iron-print, it's actually not that hard to make!

You'll Need:
1) felt (blue, grey and black)
2) iron print sheeting (flocky print)
3) interfacing
4) white thread

Step 1 ~ Cut out clean circles
Cut circles out of your felt as shown. When you're satisfied with the shapes, attatch interfacing to the back side of the black circle.

Step 2 ~ Cut out the designs
We're going to use the iron print to make the more complicated design, so trace or draw the two white designs before cutting them out. You might need a pen-knife for the more delicate pieces.

Step 3 ~ Glue the circles together
Glue the gray circle on top of the black one.

Step 4 ~ Iron on the design
Place your main-design over the gray circle before ironing it on. Then glue the blue felt over the top before ironing on the remaining white piece.

Step 5 ~ Sew the edges
Sew around the edge of your patch with a machine zig-zag stitch. Circle the whole patch 2 or 3 more times for a thick, embroidered look.

(continued in the next post)
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