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DizzyLizzy review!

Name: DizzyLizzy


Commissioned: A wig for Lilith (The Siren) from “Borderlands” game

Picture Links:

Timeline: She accepted my commission, received my first payment and started work on the wig (ordering and whatnot) on January 21, 2010. I received the wig in the mail on March 9, 2010. So less than 3 months. (More like 2 months.) And, from the start, I knew I was cutting it close, time-wise. Now that I know how it works (as this was my first commission), I’d have loved to have given her more time just for her own relaxation. She works so hard on everything AND she’s in school AND works! She’s just amazing. Simply amazing.

My Experience: Not a single “con.”
I read this review thread first and decided on her because of her “grades.” I was delighted when she accepted my commission and told me up front that she hadn’t dyed a wig in awhile, which I thought was super honest and awesome of her. She’d done it, but hadn’t needed to in some time, and my wig required some gradient colors. She was more than willing to give it a go, though, and that made me happy.

Every step of the way, Lizzy kept me informed and was on top of everything. Even a pause in shipping because of snow couldn’t stop her! School didn’t stop her! Work didn’t stop her! She was always giving me updates and even let me pick the colors and style for my wig. …she listened to my input and understood what I wanted instantly.

From the start, I sent her 3 or 4 pictures and, by the time it was complete, she had it looking EXACTLY like what I had sent her. When it got to me, it had a little note and a pack of homemade bath salts, which is like her signature and it makes such a friendly touch.

She is amazing at what she does and she’s super friendly about everything. Nothing stands in her way and, if anything, she works TOO hard! If ever I need any other wig or even a costume bit, I’m asking her to do it first. She will be my first choice from now on, without a doubt.

Final Grade: A++…INFINITY!
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