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How To Use And Care For Contact Lenses

1) Check the Curve of Your Lenses

O Correct (lenses will be perfectly rounded)
X Inside-Out (lenses will flare outward)

2) Prepare to Put In Your Lenses

-Use nail clippers to trim and round your nails.

-Wash your hands well with soap.
*do not apply handcream or cosmetics until after you're put in your contacts.

3) Putting in your lenses

-Place the lens (right-side-out) on the pad of your index finger.
(Be sure to check that your lenses are clean and undamaged. Lenses that are discolored, misshapen or torn should never be put into your eyes).

-Use the fingers of your other hand to hold your eye open wide. For best results, put your fingers at the lid-margin, holding back the lashes as well.

-Looking straight ahead, place the lens gently over the darkest part of your eye. (a mirror is helpful)

-Check to see that the lens is correctly applied to the eye and slowly close your lids over it. Blink gently a few times to seal the fit.

4) Removing Lenses

Use your fingertip to pull down the lower lid of your eye.

Use the pads of your fingers to gently push the lens together, and pull out with the resulting buckle.

(continued in the next post)
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