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Originally Posted by Terra~Esper View Post
Lately though, I've found myself thinking I'd just take my Terra stuff and make or buy her a pretty kimono to wear. It's an interesting idea, and one I'm not sure has been done before. So now I'm doing research on kimonos (well more like yukata, since this will be June and HOT, but I dunno yet.) and I'm wanting to do this RIGHT as I have great respect for japanese culture. But I currently am confused about something. Unmarried women wear the long sleeved furisode and married women wear more normal sleeves and subdued patterns. I am married, but Terra isn't. I can't decide what kind of kimono to look for.

Gah. I think this is my longest post on this site yet. But I need help! Thoughts? Anyone????
Regarding the wearing of the furisode, it's more of a divide between age than married status. Usually unmarried women under 25 are allowed to wear the furisode, but after that age, married or not, women tend to transition to more "adult" kimonos. The furisode, as far as I have been told from my friend who studies kimono wearing and history, is more of a mark of a young woman/teenager (kind of like wearing miniskirts).

For Terra, I would go for the furisode personally. As this is a costume, and you want to reflect her personality, she's the ingenue of the series, and it would be more appropriate for her to wear something reflecting her age and more appropriately, her innocence. Also, I think a furisode would give you more choice in colors and patterns that would jive with the Amano artwork (the bright red/gold/green outfit that Terra wears would be awesome in furisode colors.)

Just my thoughts! ^_^ In my opinion, for the rest of the FFVI girls, Celes would be more likely to wear a proper kimono with subdued colors, while Relm would look cute in a kid's yukata. XD
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