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Kinda piggy-backing on brucer007 and Elemtantal, I agree with them on the fact that good makeup helps. In my case, it helps a whole-hellova-lot. I seem to love retouching/portrait type work. Blotchy red patches of the skin are tough to work with. Even if the skin is smoothed out, the pinkness is usually still there and pain to correct. Many photogs I know don't even bother trying to correct it because it isn't easy. That being said, I wish I knew more about makeup to give you some advice on what to buy. It sounds like primers are great for cons because they seem to last long. Just try to get your base makeup as even as possible. Oh, and like Elemental said, be mindful of that line where your makeup begins and ends. Try your best to match your makeup with your natural skin color. We do notice
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